How my two brothers were murdered in my own eyes – Emmanuel Iortile

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Emmanuel Iortile, a fisherman and indigene of Taraba State, lost two brothers in a broad day light to trigger-happy Jukun youths in Takum Local Government Area of the state.

The siblings were shot in his very eyes, one after the other. According to him, his escape was miraculous. Similar bizarre cases are taking place on a daily basis across the country. Iortile narrated his narrow escape to our correspondent in Jalingo.

Below is the story as told by him:

On the first day of May 2019, my two younger brothers asked me to convey them on my motorcycle to River Fete, in Takum Local Government Area of Taraba State to do some fishing. They needed money for a programme that was to hold Sunday of that week; so, they wanted to go to the river to fish, which they hoped to sell thereafter.

I rode on my motorcycle to Fete area where some Jukun guys stopped us and asked who we were.

We told them we are Tiv, and that we came to fish in River Fete.
They searched us but what they found was our fishing instrument. They said they were not convinced, that people have been terrorising the area and we could be among them.

They marched us to the chief of Fete whose name I don’t know. The chief collected our motorcycle. I was having a wallet that contained two thousand (N2,500) which the Jukun guys collected before we reached the chief’s palace.

The chief actually asked us our mission to Fete which we told him.
He was as well not convinced. He claimed a lady who was staying with them was taken away by some Tiv guys who came to them and lied that the lady’s family requested her presence.

He …