May’s replacement to determine future of $4.2bn Nigeria-UK trade

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In less than two weeks from today, Theresa May will be stepping down as British Prime Minister, paving the way for a new successor from the Conservative Party. This is coming after months of intense pressure within and outside her party. But this does not come as a surprise to many analysts who say it…

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Theresa May’s resignation, a wake up call to Nigerian leaders

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Reactions have continued to trail the planned resignation of British Prime Minister, Theresa May, on June 7.

While some analysts view the development as a right step in the right direction, others believed she assumed the position of British Prime Minister at the wrong time and the system worked against her.

On Friday, May announced that she would step down as leader of her governing Conservative Party by next month having failed to find a compromise Brexit deal that parliament could ratify.

In a telephone interview with BusinessDay on Friday, a development consultant, author and public affairs analyst, Jide Ojo, said Britons initially voted for Brexit without understanding the implications.

“This is long envisaged. I knew that when she (Theresa May) has been failing to convince the parliament on many occasions to go with her Brexit plans, there is little or no choice left but for her to quit. Her ministers were resigning and this is a parliamentary system of government.

The issue of collective responsibility is held in high esteem. So, she played her politics well. I think the problem started abinitio when they voted in 2016 and majority of the Britons voted to exit Europe. They did that without full understanding of the implications. And by the time they understood the implications, it was rather too late.

“I think that Theresa May came at the wrong time. She did her best but the system just didn’t work for her,” he said.

On whether her successor will pull through on the Brexit plan, Ojo said this depends on what he or she brings to the table.

“If the successor is able to bring together a more acceptable exit plan, maybe he or she could succeed where others have failed,” he added.

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Boris Johnson likely to replace May as UK prime Minister

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Following the official announcement of her resignation, Theresa May’s replacement could be her former minister. Boris Johnson is seen as the most preferred candidate by some members of parliaments to clinch the position of British Prime Minister (PM).

Johnny Mercer, a member of parliment was asked during a late night show whether he will be presenting himself for the PM position, he replied “I’m not goo enough to be PM yet. I’ll be with Boris Johnson campaigning together, trying to unite the party and the nation, and govern from the centre in a modern, compassionate, optimistic manner.”

A new poll conducted by global public opinion and data company, YouGov found that ahead of the conservative party members decision on the PM position, Boris Johnson was most likely to beat every contenter he faces by a margin of 59 per cent to 41 per cent.

Boris Johnson is also believed to command a lot of support from party grassroots, according to 

After May’s announcement of her resignation, Johnson had tweeted “A very dignified statement from . Thank you for your stoical service to our country and the Conservative Party. It is now time to follow her urgings: to come together and deliver Brexit.”

Should Johnson become the new UK prime minister he faces the uphill taks of delivering Brexit as soon as possible.

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Theresa May plans ‘new and improved’ Brexit deal

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Theresa May has promised to set out a “new and improved” Brexit deal next month as she tries to stitch together a cross-party coalition of MPs to pass her EU withdrawal treaty at the fourth attempt.

The UK prime minister’s “bold offer” is expected to include new proposals to uphold EU standards of workers’ rights and environmental protection to win over some Labour MPs, even though formal cross-party talks collapsed without a deal last week.

Mrs May is also holding renewed talks with Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist party to see whether she can overcome their opposition to a Brexit deal.

Downing Street said the prime minister was looking to reassure the DUP — which notionally provides Mrs May with her majority in parliament — over elements of the treaty’s “backstop” plans to prevent a hard border on the island of Ireland. The DUP is fiercely opposed to the backstop, since it would treat Northern Ireland differently from the rest of the UK.

But the new proposals, to be set out when the Withdrawal Agreement bill is published, will not include a confirmatory referendum, demanded by scores of Labour MPs as the price for their support.

Mrs May has also — so far at least — refused to meet Labour’s demands for a permanent customs union, a policy which is opposed by many Eurosceptic members of her cabinet and a large number of Tory MPs.

The decisive second reading vote on the bill is scheduled for the week starting June 3 and is seen as the last throw of the dice for the prime minister; few MPs at Westminster expect the outgoing prime minister to succeed where she has failed three times before.

If the bill is not passed, the default position is that the UK will … Read More...