Why there are too many sycophants in Nigeria today, by Umunna

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On the sidelines of activities to mark his 65th birthday last week, Leonard Umunna, a bishop and general overseer of the Bible Life Church (worldwide), spoke with ZEBULON AGOMUO, Editor, on the state of the nation, in relation to Christendom. He also advised the newly elected national leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) to be true representative of the body of Christ. Excerpts:

Bishop, what does it mean to be 65 years old in a country the life expectancy of which is below 50 years?

Certain things keep me young. God told me that when I would be 50 years old, I would be growing younger. Number one, I eat necessary things for my health. I make food my medicine. I don’t take anything that I don’t know what it will contribute to my body; the water, the food in our society are all toxic due to dirty environment; why would you not take things that will detoxify you weekly? Why wouldn’t you take some herbs that will also help cleanse your system along with the one you take for your food? Number two; I ensure that I have nothing against anybody – no quarrel to settle with anybody. I leave a free life. I forgive people in advance because Christ has also done that for me many years ago. Number three, I ensure that I meditate; I give thanks to God and meditate on his word always. The moment you meditate on the word of God, it renews and cleanses you. There will be joy in your soul and there will be light radiating. There is anointing and power in reading the word of God. It gives you energy to power on.

At 65, it means that you have witnessed many Read More...