Vehicle owners repair costs dip over bad roads

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There are mounting concerns that total cost of ownership of new and used fleet vehicles by corporate institutions, commercial vehicle operators and individual owners in Nigeria are increasing as the day rolls by as a result of the negative economic effects of potholes and failed portions on the road which contributes to the wear and tear of the vehicles.

Almost everyday, there are dehumanising stories of what commuters go through on these bad portions of the roads dotted with gullies and craters, be it with commercial vehicles, company vehicles used in taking members of staff to and from work and individual privare car owners.

Experiences shared by commuters plying these routes have always left a constant sad reminder in the minds of travellers of a government at both the federal and state levels that have remained very insensitive to the sufferings and pains that travellers along this route go through.

Safety experts who studied the economic effects of bad road networks in the country estimates that, about 51% of vehicle users in Nigeria will experience one or more damages to their vehicles every month.

Reports also indicate that annual losses resulting from vehicle maintenance due to bad roads is valued at over N133.8 billion, apart from other economic losses from bad roads like air pollution, delayed movements, armed robbery and incessant accidents on the roads which has led to untimely loss of lives and properties.

At every point in time a vehicle is under stress as a result of bad effects of decrepit portions the road, the major safety components of the entire suspension systems made of the break systems, the bushing, the lower arms and the stabiliser linkages becomes the first spare parts that will be affected.

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