Democratizing data will deepen broadband penetration in Nigeria – MD Vodacom Business

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Total communications solutions provider, Vodacom Business Nigeria recently received recognitions at the 10th Beacon of ICT awards. In this interview, Managing Director, Wale Odeyemi speaks on the brand’s contributions to the development of the country’s ICT industry and other issues. Excerpts

Could you take us through the contributions and offerings of Vodacom Business Nigeria in the country’s ICT space?

Vodacom Business is an ICT company in Nigeria. We offer total communications solutions (TCS) to enterprises – large, medium and small. The driving idea is to help build businesses that shape the growth of the Nigerian society. Vodacom Business drives societal transformation and it is very clear in our vision statement- we want to be a digital company that empowers a connected society. A connected society is a society where no individual is excluded from opportunities. We believe that everyone has value within the society. Wherever you live, whatever formal/economic strata that you belong to, you should be empowered to contribute to the society. As an example, we have a solution where we help to turn a subsistence farmer into a commercial farmer. If you have a plot of land in your village for instance, we can map that plot of land using geospatial technology. We can identify the kind of crops that will do well on the land and give you access to finance by providing an identity for the business. We can give you access to information and teach you precision farming techniques on the best range of farming approaches that you should use. We can give you access to market using the same solutions to sell your farm produce all over the world using our IoT solutions.

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