Lagos waste management: Government ineptitude or residential rascality?

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At any time of the day, you see them scampering around in their numbers, happy to live among humans, it seems. Long ago, these hairy animals where seen once in a while on the streets, especially dark corners or around heaps of refuse, but these days, massive well-fed rats are seen strolling down the many streets in Lagos, a clear result from the neglect of the environment, which are paved with heaps of refuse.

On the other hand, swarms of cockroaches also compete with the rats in being more daring, as they are found in cars, on the main roads and every other place. Can it now be said that Lagos, the most populous mega city in West Africa and home to over 20 million inhabitants, is rat-infested and in dire need of rescue, asks OSA VICTOR OBAYAGBONA.

As the rainy season gains momentum in Lagos State, it has become a daily struggle for motorists, commuters and for pedestrians going through most major roads and streets. This is occasioned by the daily heap of garbage, rain waters that can not go into the drains due to the drains filling with excess refuse, push and disperse all over, floating and causing flood after every single rain drop.

For motorists, finding the way through the heaps of pet bottles, unused household items, heaps of flies infested garbage with overfed rats strolling to and fro in them – even in broad daylight, and the drains swarming from sewage some notorious landlords stylishly connected to the main gutters, and the inevitable offensive smell you can not avoid, has become a sad experience many must go through daily.

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