Why LSWC is unable to bridge Lagos’ huge water supply gap

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An advocacy group, Water is Life, says the Lagos State Water Corporation (LSWC) has been unable to bridge the huge gap between demand and supply of potable water in the state because of inadequate funding over time.

Convener of the group, Tunde Ogunbiyi, who is launching a campaign for the appropriate funding of the sector, alleged that the last four years had been particularly difficult for the corporation to meet the water need of the ever growing population of Lagos, leading to intermittent cut in supply to homes and offices.

There have been series of complaints by the residents of Nigeria’s former capital, as staff of the water corporation struggled in vain to meet the demand of the over 21 million residents.

Statistics from the LSWC shows that Lagos runs with about 326 million gallons shortfall in daily supply, which leaves millions of people sourcing water from boreholes, wells and broken pipes running through the gutters.

While the current production capacity of the corporation is put at a little over 214 million gallons per day, the state actually requires at least 540 million gallons to make any meaningful impact in homes and offices.

It is estimated that an investment of about $3.5 billion would be required to execute additional water schemes to cover the state. According to the water master plan being executed by LSWC, some measure of stable supply ought to be achieved by 2020 if the $3.5 billion investment is made.

Pundits, however, believe that this huge investment would require not only appropriate pricing of water in the state, but also the buy-in of the private sector through a Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement, a move said to have been slowed, as a result of delay in approvals from the immediate state administration.… Read More...