Success: The role of extraordinary work ethics

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Beyond results, we forsake the process which is usually the most important factor. Those that know and have mastered the process can always duplicate their results irrespective of the terrain. 

I believe grit and process is something this generation might never really understand due to advent of fast-paced technology and generational dynamics. People are getting lazier, busier and crazier by the day. We all want pleasure and love without doing the work. 

Like I love to say “Baby, what’s love without money?” Let’s be real, even Romance without FInance is a Nuisance.

I recently read a book on Steve Jobs written by his first girlfriend, Chrisann Brennan. The book is a memoir about her time with the tech giant. It’s called “The Bite in the Apple”. I think you should read it.


According to the book, Steve Jobs was a boring guy. The kind that ladies would not notice in high school. However, Steve jobs at 23 made his first 1 million dollars; at 24, 10 million dollars; and at 25, 100 million dollars. Now, even to my mother, that will be sexy. 


Swag is cool, but class and success are better. Men are to be providers. Men are like bank accounts; without a lot of income, they don’t generate interest.

As business people, master the art of delayed gratification. I mean, don’t let pleasure distract you from where you are going to. Don’t lose your stamina on the fast lane, keep that conversation of growth always in your head and persevere till you get there. 


I love the game of golf and I have observed that you can hardly play golf and not be successful. Not necessarily from the network but because of the stamina, conversations and perseverance you learn from it. The Read More...