Xtralarge Farms introduces meal products into Nigerian market

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As part of its determination to ensure that Nigerians enjoy the health benefits of eating pure organic foods, produced without chemical addictives and preservatives, XtraLarge Farms, a Nigerian agricultural investment firm, has introduced its newest product known as Xtralarge meal.

The meal, which is made up of plantain and local rice, appears as smooth as pounded yam, and can be, consumed any kind of soup after preparation.

The firm, which has the vision of raising a generation of passionate farmers, has also unveiled its Agritech City, which would be driven by technology and Xtratoken that will serve as a means of exchange that would be used to pay for the products and services that would be rendered in the proposed Agritech City.

Speaking to journalists at the prelaunch event held in Lagos on Wednesday, Seyi Davids, chief executive officer of Xtralarge Farms, said the concept of establishing an Agritech City, which would be driven by technology, was to encourage more youths to have interest in agriculture.

“Xtralarge Farms has a lot of products and services that would be rendered in the Agritech City. This was why the Xtratoken would serve as a means of exchange within the city. The city is about 3,000 acres of land and the Xtratoken will be made available for only family members, who bought into the Xtralarge ideas and values,” he said.

According to him, the City is located along Idiroko area of Ogun State and work will commence immediately. “Before building, there are preliminary works that includes getting the town planners to license the establishment of the city and it is expected to open for business in 2021,”  he said.

“Xtratoken is a utility token for general transactions within the Xtralarge family and will serve as the only acceptable … Read More...