How lack of proper regulation of yellow buses is subjecting residents to rights violation

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Lagos residents can no longer bear the torture, and rights abuse they suffer from the hands of Yellow Bus operators in their daily commuting activities within the state, so, they are calling on the government to step in with a regulatory framework for Danfo operators.

The transportation system in Lagos State is largely dominated by the unregulated yellow buses popularly called “Danfo”, arguably the most popular commercial shuttle in the metropolis after ‘Molue’, its counterpart, phased out.

While it is difficult to track the financial contributions to the state’s GDP, Danfo buses have been in operation long before the Rapid Bus Transport (BRT) surfaced, and have been helpful, but the modus operandi of the operators continue to pose grave threats to life.

Many residents who spoke with BDSUNDAY, expressed concerns over rights violations, dropping of passengers at unsafe locations, attitudinal issues, and criminal acts such as robbery. They want the government to regulate the sector not only to prevent these incidences, but to monitor and track their operations.

Precious Okpara, a factory worker, told BDSUNDAY that many of the drivers and conductors lack proper communication ethics, and complained of high rates of verbal abuse. “There is verbal abuse from the drivers and they also lack a moral standard of communication.

“Then, there is something they do, they tell you that they are going to Oshodi, and they drop you at nearest convenient bus stop for them, and not for you as a passenger. So you might sometimes have to take extra money for transportation,” she adds.

Speaking on how the lives of citizens are endangered, and people dropped off at unsafe locations, Okpara said two of her colleagues have been robbed and both robberies were carried out by Danfo bus operators.

“Where they dropped her was …