Zebra blind design in window fittings excites users as suppliers turn to local assembling

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Since users’ attraction to window blinds shifted from corporate use to residential interior decoration, Zebra blind, a window fitting popular known as ‘Day and Night’ appears to have won the heart of users, topping demand for varieties numbering seven.

The thriving market from this users new found love, BusinessDay understands, is chief among reasons suppliers have now turned to local assembling of window blinds to widen their profit margin.

Suppliers initially favoured importing assembled window blinds from Turkey and China, which the landing cost turned out to be higher and often lacked precision in fittings. In choosing shades, users basically consider the function of the room it will be used; how much control they want over light and the size of window. They also looked at special features like material texture, hence the need for services of those who could get the precise size of their window rose.

“Everything you see regarding window blind is assembled here but most of the raw materials are imported. This is because when coupling it there, it could be very expensive and most times you may not get the exact size of your window,” Kalu Ikwuonwu told BusinessDay.

“Some who get the already made wooden blind either get it longer or shorter. We have to resize and fix for them to give the house a befitting decoration. That’s the idea. Sometimes we dispatch some experts that know how to install it,” he added.

Don Fazano, a supplier company said the demand has been buoyed by taste which spread across different income categories.

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