Fichaya is Set to Provide Easy Access to a Home Cleaning Experience

Fichaya is Set to Provide Easy Access to a Home Cleaning Experience

87 total views, 1 views today,an online cleaning service went live on Sunday and is set to transform home cleaning experiences in Nigeria. The company which is based in Lagos is powered by technology and impact. And it has a mission to ensure that the best customer experiences are delivered to customers.

The Tech Company which was co-founded by the ex-growth manager of Flutterwave, Ejimonye (Jim) Ofodum, has so far cleaned over 110 homes and offices, whilst partnering with corporates such as Landmark hotel, Kudi, Fibre, Spleet etc.

Speaking at the live event, the CEO of the company Tolu Adetula said;

“The company is more than an online cleaning company, as we are committed to empowering cleaning associates both socially and economically”.

“With our business model, cleaning associates can earn up to $330/month from the industry average of $69/month’’ he added.

Fichaya realised that it is stressful for millennials or even working class people to clean their homes after a long week. But today, customers can book their cleaning in 3 steps-

Go on,

Subscribe to any of our cleaning plans and cleaning cycle

Pay a well vetted and trained cleaning associate will be paired.

Jim Ofodum, who co-founded the company, said she needed her own service and found it difficult to clean the whole house after a stressful week,

“We have tested the process manually for slightly over 18 months now and we have gone ahead to automate for sale. More than half of our recurring customers stay in a 3 bedroom apartment and are subscribed to the regular cleaning and have found the ‘weekly plan per month’ most helpful considering their work schedule.’’

One of Fichaya’s customers, Akinbayo Atere, who also attended the live event, was the 1st customer Fichaya started with two years ago.

He expressed his gratitude to the company for making it so easy for clients to get their homes cleaned and also, gave a few words of encouragement.

For the next few months the company plans to deliver on customer satisfaction, grow their database of customers and associates, while also planning to announce ‘The Fichaya Community Ambassador Program’ for estates such as PrimeWater Garden estate. One of the primary aim will be for Fichaya to be a part of driving a sense of community.

Should you live in an estate and you are a people person, send an email to [email protected] with the subject ‘The Fichaya Community Ambassador Program’.

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