Ganduje reveals plan to make Kano most educated state in SSA next 15 years

Ganduje reveals plan to make Kano most educated state in SSA next 15 years

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Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, who was reelected governor of Kano State, has said his administration wants to ensure that the state becomes the most educated in sub-Saharan Africa. To achieve that the government is reviewing the entire state curriculum to meet 21st century needs and would also be adding fresh teachers to improve the knowledge base available in schools across the state.

The governor said he is also counting on leveraging emerging technology to make the entire process possible.

“We are building pilots to test various methods,” he said in a statement BusinessDay received. He noted the renewed emphasis on inculcating information and communication technology (ICT) in the educational system in Kano State. He plans on replicating the Microsoft’s African Development Centre which opened in Lagos.

“In about 3-4 weeks, these ICT labs will start opening across different local government areas in the state. To test the process, we will measure results over the coming months and pass learning across the state as we add schools to the programme,” he said.

The government plans tapping private sector investment by incentivizing investors to come to Kano and build institutions of learning. It will also enter into partnerships with qualified professionals to provide help to entrepreneurs who need support to unlock growth for their businesses and to ensure that investors are given required support.

“If you are a young entrepreneur in Nigeria looking to start a business, especially in the areas of agriculture, trade, education and technology, make plans to move to Kano. We will support you,” Ganduje said.

There are also plans to empower more women to invest in the economic growth of the state. The plan, according to Ganduje is to provide specific policies to help women of Kano participate fully in the state’s development.

“In the last six years, we have seen the effect of technology on the GDP of America and China and the upward economic growth it has yielded. In the past week, we have also seen these two global powers move the arena of conflict from arms to technology in the 5G race. This tells us more than anything, that the future is not in the resources which built the 20th century, but in the minds of people. This is the new reality we must prepare for. We have our focus and we have the plans and the drive to make Kano state the state of the future – where we set the benchmark for what other states in Nigeria aspire to be,” he said.

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