‘Holistic curriculum needed to address Nigeria’s education challenge’

‘Holistic curriculum needed to address Nigeria’s education challenge’

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There is an urgent need to overhaul the education curriculum in Nigeria as a means of addressing the current educational challenge and inequality for a holistic academic system that promotes soft skills, critical thinking and survival skills.

“All-round education is holistic education; it is not only about academics, but also about the ability to survive, to thrive and excel in the world outside the classroom or lecture room. It is about developing soft skills, like being a good team player or being able to relate with other people constructively”.

“Soft skills are so important, because the ability to survive in the world is more important that our certificates. That’s why all-round education is both about academic excellence and developing soft skills,” said Ebi Obaro, president, Maple Canadian College and CEO of Maple Education Canada, a frontline education marketing company.

Obaro stated this at the unveiling of Maple Canadian College (MCC), a college that promotes Canadian education and curriculum that offers the Grade 12 or pre-university programme that prepares students for universities. “Hopefully, by 2 September, we will start academic work at our campus in Lekki, which has boarding facilities”.

“…Canadian education is very practical, has lots of discussions, assignments, lots of opportunities for developing writing and other skills. And at the end of the day, you understand what you are taught; it involves basically acquiring skills and knowledge, as well as learning team work,” she stated.

Paul Turnbull, the director of academic programs for Rosedale Academy, Canada said MCC in partnership with Rosedale will run an academic programme based strictly on Canadian curriculum that will grant students the Ontario secondary school diploma (OSSD), which will earn students an exemption from A-Level examinations and facilitate their admission into any Canadian university, as well as universities in western countries.

“The beauty of this curriculum is that when our students get their OSSD or Canadian High School Secondary School Diploma, they are able to study anywhere in the world,” said Turnbull.
Ralon Nazareth, the senior manager, global education partnerships for Rosedale Academy said the partnership with MCC is to help facility studying at the college and proceeding to Canada, which is financially less stressful for parents and other sponsors. “Education is a product and it is not cheap by any means. But, the most important thing to note is that Canadian education is way affordable than other countries that have similar good quality education,” she stated.

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