Reasons why you should stay hooked to AFCON 2019

Reasons why you should stay hooked to AFCON 2019

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For the first time, the 32nd edition of the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) takes a different approach in 2019 than previous years, the tournament has been expanded from 16 to 24 teams, which has never been done before. That means this year’s AFCON is going to be different and much more exciting! Hosted by Egypt, with Cameroon as the defending champions, Africans are going to be buzzing with excitement as we enjoy this season. Throughout this period DStv and GOtv will be dishing out to you live matches from 21 June to 19 July 2019, so worry not about missing a live match.

Here are 10 reasons to keep up with AFCON 2019

Content will be showing in High Definition

Definition (HD) television which means you will see everything showing on your screen much clearer than watching standard television. Imagine watching a live football match in much finer details, not having to worry about a blur or not getting a clear view of the football or the player; whether it grazed the stand of the goal post or it went into the post.

Live matches

This has been mentioned throughout the text, but that is to emphasize the reality of it. Your matches will be brought to you as it is happening. It’s almost as though you’re at the stadium watching it directly. You’re watching as it is happening, not after it happens

Time to socialize with family and friends

This is an amazing time to bond with family and friends. Discuss, laugh over amazing plays, banter about upcoming and legendary players. Regardless of what happens, the moment and experience will be infinite. Someone might be like, “only family and friends?” Not just family and friends. The impact football has made on socializing is unspeakable. Imagine becoming best friends with someone you barely know over a game of African countries competing for a cup. This is closer to home because you are African, these are African countries playing and the matches are taking place in Africa.

Get to see different countries compete

You are not going to be told about how Nigeria beat Ghana or how Zimbabwe lost to South Africa for example. You are watching it firsthand with no part missed on DStv or GOtv. Being a part of the buzz is truly something to look forward to this season. Seeing fellow brothers and sisters come together to enjoy African football. There will be a burst of culture every single week as countries come to compete for the cup and different spectators come beautifully dressed in their differing, colourful African clothing showcasing their culture and heritage. Fashion lovers are going to love the array of football jerseys.

Exciting reviews and commentaries in English and pidgin

Back to back commentaries in not just English but also pidgin language. We all know how exciting things are when you leave the poshness behind. Every week there would be reviews in English and pidgin about each match. Why miss out on such banter?

One of the very many African experiences you should not miss

This is like Black Panther Reloaded! An African missing this experience is the same as choosing to go to oblivion- hardly anyone wants this.

Be a part of the social media banter

With the excitement around this year’s AFCON, social media will be buzzing in Africa as Africans tweet, post and comment on each match their country played in or a county they support. Do not be left out of the loop as you scroll down your feed! Follow @DStvNg & GOtvNg on Twitter, and on Instagram- @DStvNigeria & GOtvNg and Facebook &, and let’s engage!

Express your love for football

Calling all the football lovers out there to express their unconditional love for football. UEFA champions league just happened, followed by the FIFA women’s World Cup, now Africa is having its own football season, AFCON. If this does not scream enjoyment for every football fan in Africa, then I don’t know what does! The rush, the adrenaline, the excitement over amazing games played every week…something to look forward to.

Become a football literate

Primary source is better than secondary source. This is an opportunity to broaden your football knowledge without having to rely so much on football experts about African football. Step out of your comfort zone and explore the world of football.

Nigeria qualified

Remember how excited we all were when Nigeria was the only… and I repeat, only African country left playing in the World Cup; how we showed love and support to our country. That time of the year is here again. It’s time for Nigerians to support and show love to our team whilst laughing and crying (hopefully tears of joy) about the turn of events. Nigeria is a qualifying team for this year’s AFCON. Trust and believe that football is at the core of DStv and GOtv’s Sports-loving viewers. Do not miss out on this experience and event. Be in the loop of AFCON 2019.


Anthony Nlebem

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