Toyota Rush renews 7-Seater appeal,says TNL

Toyota Rush renews 7-Seater appeal,says TNL

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Authorities at Toyota Nigeria Limited (TNL) says the Toyota Rush SUV remains the best value for money if you’re looking for a new 7-seater for the family or something that can haul stuff around.

Today, a lot of automakers in the market are now offering 7-seaters from the ever-popular Japanese brands to more luxurious European marques, but the choice depends on whether the buying public is willing to part with millions of naira for a more luxurious model or is looking for something easier on the pocket.

But from feedbacks on the encouraging sales figure across the local dealerships in the country, there are positive indications that, the Toyota Rush will make huge impact in years to come.

Design-wise, the Rush is the best looking among its competitors and one that quickly stands out among other models in a good way, combining both a stylish design with a sporty and rugged appeal. The Rush does appear to borrow styling cues from other Toyota vehicles, particularly the Fortuner, but this design similarity can be seen more clearly at the front with the its wide grill and tapered headlight design.

One of the favorite features of the Rush’s exterior though is that, it comes standard with LED headlights rather than the standard halogen lights; a big upgrade for driving at night, though the white colour temperature does make the light bounce on a rainy road. The keyless entry doors and smart keyfob are also neat features for those who are too lazy to pull out the key and push a button.

Moving inside, the cabin is very spacious for its size with lots of headroom for passengers and even for those sitting in the third row.

Inside, the seats are soft and comfortable; they don’t yield as much fatigue if you’ve been sitting there for hours at a time. A push start button makes it easier to go on a drive, and it also comes handy when you happen to be holding a lot of stuff.

The digital air-conditioning controls are not complicated and the temperatures can be adjusted easily especially when it started getting really cold in the cabin. A touch-screen infotainment system with Bluetooth is also nice; it allows you to play your favorite tunes on the go.

Power-wise, the 1.5-liter engine producing 104 PS and 134 Nm of torque is enough for city driving. Acceleration could be better, but if you happen to be driving around the streets of the city with much heavier traffic, you won’t really need quick acceleration.

More importantly, the Rush comes with good fuel consumption despite having just a 4-speed automatic. Owners can do an average of 9.2km per liter with the Rush even in horrendous urban traffic everyday.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to bring the Rush on the expressway to see its fuel economy on open stretches, or see how it would perform. However, I did notice it had a hard time going fast up roads with steep inclines. Handling-wise, the Rush drove pretty okay considering it is a tall 7-seat SUV, miniature as it is.


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