Will Neymar agree a €12m pay cut to return to Barcelona?

Will Neymar agree a €12m pay cut to return to Barcelona?

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Report in Spain says Barcelona have reached a verbal agreement with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) playmaker Neymar over his return to Camp Nou – two years after the Brazilian left for a world record fee.

Neymar is set to earn £400,000-a-week in a 5-year and for that deal to happen, Neymar will take a significant cut in salary, from €36.8 million per season (second highest in world football) to €24 million, a €12million reduction as was his contract before leaving PSG.

Sport journalist Albert Masnou also claims that due to Neymar’s desire to return, he did not even try to negotiate the amount. Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu is also willing to drop all legal issues against Neymar. The club had taken their former star player to court over loyalty bonus when it became obvious Neymar was prepared to force his way out of Barcelona to PSG.

Now all that is left to do, the paper says, is for the clubs to come to an agreement on an appropriate transfer fee for the player. As previously reported by Le Parisien, the Ligue 1 side are looking to make a profit on the man they plucked away from Barça, and are demanding 300 million euros. Although in simple terms this is likely a price too high to pay, other conditions – for example including players in part exchange – could allow the two football powerhouses to find a satisfactory middle ground. If not, Sport confirm, Real Madrid would be the only other option potentially available to him.

For Neymar’s part, money has been put as a lesser priority than achieving greatness, following a period in France that did little for his reputation. If this move becomes a reality, he will have a chance to restore his name as one of football’s very best.

Neymar still has three years left on his current deal, and PSG want to recoup at least as much as they doled out for the forward. These negotiations will be made harder by the fact that the clubs’ relationship has deteriorated since 2017, with all the work being done by intermediaries as it stands.

Again, considering how Naymar joined Barcelona in 2013 from Santos for an undisclosed fee, when it was reported that Real Madrid had finalised arrangement to bring him to Santiago Bernabéu. But the football world was shocked to hear the news that Neymar opted for Barcelona. In 2017, the 27 years old dumped Spanish giant to sign for French football outfit PSG for a record €220 million, ending his four years ‘marriage’ with Barcelona.

Now, report has it that Neymar has agreed to make a return to Barcelona with a whooping €12 pay reduction. But the question is; will Neymar’s loyalty still remain with Barcelona? What if another club offers him more money?

On Thursday, Barcelona vice-president Jordi Cardoner denied reports that the club are making a move for Neymar this summer

“It’s correct that Neymar wants to return to Barcelona,” Cardoner said.

“But Barcelona are not thinking about signing Neymar. This subject is not up for discussion.

“There are many things that Barcelona did not like about his departure to Paris Saint-Germain, many things to resolve.

“You have to move on. People are saying we have signed Neymar; we have not signed anyone. We have not been in contact with him. He and lots of other players want to play for Barcelona.

“It does not surprise me that Neymar wants to come back. It has happened before. Some have left and come back; Cesc Fabregas, Gerard Pique…

“Neymar is a great player, but you have to consider the circumstances surrounding his departure to know if these predictions will become reality one day.”

With these punchy statements from Barcelona vice president, its too early for Barcelona fans to rejoice or celebrate the news of Neymar’s return as the player seems to be loyal to Money.


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