Avoiding the Wrong Essay Writing Service Websites on Reddit

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It is every student’s wish to work with a best essay writing service website that offers services that meets his or her needs. However, if a student is not careful, he or she risks working with the wrong essay writing company. Luckily, there exist ways in which a student distinguishes a good essay writing service website from a bad one. There are various characteristics that tell a student that this is company to work (or not to work) with.

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Before working with a particular essay writing company, it is prudent for a student to do a background research on the previous customers’ ratings. A student can access an essay writing company’s customer reviews from different social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. A student should avoid working with a company that has poor customer ratings despite its affordability. A student should learn that cheap services are always costly. Once a student recognizes negative ratings, he or she should not proceed transacting with the company and should look for more websites that offer similar services. Companies that lack customer ratings are also risky to work with. Some companies have a habit of hiding or deleting negative reviews and thus lure innocent students into working with them. Such students end up losing their money and valuable time, an aspect that adversely affects their academic performance.

Financial Policies

One can know a wrong essay writing company by evaluating its payment policies. A wrong essay writing company usually has confusing payment policies usually with unwarranted and hidden charges. A student should always recheck before confirming to work with such companies for hidden charges in case of revisions and other instructions additions. The modes of payments for such companies are also limited. Such a company may refuse a particular mode of payment and be rigid on a specific one. Students who risk to work with such a company find it difficult to pay for the services to be rendered. Some wrong companies also ask for full payments even before they start working on an essay. The companies also lack a money back guarantee policy if a student is dissatisfied with the services rendered. They also fail to assist students in case they (the students) have a problem making transactions with their rigid modes of payment. Such companies also fail to update their payment modes, thus leaving students with problems once they decide to transact with them. The companies do not offer discounts to return students. This is a setback to students based on the fact that many students are struggling financially. Some companies will offer their services at unfairly high prices and will not avail any discounts. Besides, others offer services at extremely low prices. A student should avoid such services as they are always low-quality.


Wrong companies usually harbor inexperienced writers who deliver low-quality work and are inaccessible in case of revisions. Such writers tend to spoil one’s essay and leads to a rise in the number of dissatisfied customers. While hiring writers, these companies do not consider aspects such as writers’ academic backgrounds, the disciplines that a writer handles effectively, and whether they have worked in particular fields. These companies will assign a writer an essay that is totally different from his or her disciplines. It is also difficult to interact with the writers once they complete an essay. The writers do not uphold professionalism and the student’s complaints are not handled effectively. Once a student identifies a wrong essay writing service website, he or she should avoid working with it despite the promises of affordability and service quality.