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Many economists have hypothesized that business cycles are the result of the politically motivated use of macroeconomic policies (financial and monetary policies) which can be designed to serve the interest of politicians operating for re-election. The idea of political enterprise cycles is based on the belief that elected officers (the president, members of congress, governors, and many others.) generally tend to engineer expansionary macroeconomic policies to be able to support their re-election efforts.

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More particular theories of cycles must therefore concentrate on particular explanation why there have been or have to be vital and fast adjustments in costs or demand. Examples of economy-huge costs which could rise to choke off income embrace labor, interest rates, uncooked supplies corresponding to oil, pure occurrences akin to droughts, and taxation. Henry George’s principle factors to land and lease prices; the Austrian college focuses on rates of interest. Examples of financial system-large reduction in demand embody the exhaustion of features from clusters of improvements, malinvested capital items, basic overproduction or underconsumption (presumably because of inequality of revenue), and shifts in expectations. One can see why there are such a lot of completely different cycle theories: every factors to different costs or completely different reasons for why prices would rise or demand fall.

The second sample of cyclical fluctuations is shown in Fig. 27.2 where cyclical changes in economic exercise take place round a growth path (i.e., rising trend). J.R. Hicks in his mannequin of business cycles explains such a sample of fluctuations with long-run rising pattern in financial activity by im­posing components comparable to autonomous funding as a consequence of population growth and technological professional­gress causing financial development on the in any other case stationary state. We briefly clarify beneath numerous phases of business cycles.